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Do you want to buy alfalfa? Cépière Eco Fourrages Énergie presents its activity here alfalfa sales and its delivery in France and abroad (Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Spain). We do not make online sales of the e-commerce type but you can contact us to obtain all the necessary information according to your needs and your delivery address.
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What is thehas alfalfa ?

La alfalfa is a top-of-the-range fodder, from cultivated meadows.
Your nutritional qualities are much higher than those of field hay, as is the Crau hay.

La alfalfa is mainly used to feed livestock (ruminants and horses). Several forms of consumption exist: pasture, wet fodder (silage or wrapping), dry fodder (hay) and dehydrated pellets.
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Alfalfa is highly prized by cattle and horses. The rations must be given with balance because of its high palatability. Very interesting in protein, entering up to half in its composition, it satisfies favorably the rearing of dairy cows, sheep and goats, alpines or saanen.
In addition to corn silage, it will bring a significant gain in the fattening of beef cattle. Very digestible due to the presence of many fibers and very vitaminized, it is very digestible.

The know-how of Cépière Eco Fourrages Énergie is essential in the cultivation of quality alfalfa, a plant sensitive to climatic hazards whose leaves must be rich because they carry the nutritional qualities of the plant.

The company Cépière ECO-FOURRAGES-ÉNERGIE is a company of fodder trade (meadow hay, alfalfa, straw). The company has a network of producers and markets alfalfa in France but also exports to other countries (Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Spain).

See our article on the delivery of alfalfa, hay and forage here:
Delivery of alfalfa at the best price in France and for export



 Learn more about alfalfa

The properties of the alfalfa depend on its maturity, therefore on the cut.

  1. First cut alfalfa: Ratio between stem and leaf quite balanced. Slightly less rich and more fibrous.
  2. La 2nd cut alfalfa:  More leaf and less stem. A little richer and less fibrous.
  3. La 3rd / 4th cut alfalfa: Even more leaf and less stem.


What is the sainfoin ?

Le sainfoin (or esparcette Onobrychis viciifolia) was a widely cultivated legume until the 1960s (400 ha). Its production has been considerably reduced with mechanization and the massive arrival of fertilizers (000ha in 20). Less productive than alfalfa (000% less according to Reyne and Garambois, 1986), the culture of sainfoin nevertheless contains a lot of protein (20% at the 1977st stage of vegetation against 14,2% for alfalfa grown under the same conditions , Theodoridou et al (1)).
sainfoin is mainly used to feed livestock (ruminants and horses). Several forms of consumption exist: grazing, dry fodder (hay) and corks. Sainfoin is also very well known for its tannins which improves the assimilation of proteins in the digestive tract of ruminants, thus limiting the problems of bloat and reducing the release of urinary nitrogen and methane into the environment (Aufrère et al, 2013) .


What hay and for what use?

Hay for suckler cows provides a balance between fiber (therefore digestible) and protein (therefore energy).
Advice Cépière Eco Fodder Energy : Order your 1st cut hay, rich in grasses which provide protein resources of major interest in the supply of local proteins for animal feed.

Hay for dairy cows must guarantee both a high protein supply and a fiber supply. There must therefore be a balance between grasses and legumes.
Advice Cépière Eco Fodder Energy : Order your 2nd cut hay.

Hay for dairy sheep or hay for dairy goats must guarantee a very good supply of legumes for milk production.
Advice Cépière Eco Fodder Energy : Order your leafy hay.

Horse hay should be very clean, dust-free, green and fragrant. Fibrous, balanced stem and leaf ratio because the horse's digestion is sensitive. Not too rich.
Advice Cépière Eco Fodder Energy : Order your hay not too rich: contact us for the best hay for horse feed. Crau hay is an excellent hay for horses.


What is the price of alfalfa per ton 2021?

per ton, the price of alfalfa 2021 is indicated on our article "Rates" accessible here
Price of alfalfa per tonne for 2021 by Cépière Éco Fourrages Énergie

Sale of alfalfa around me

using our contact page, we will answer this problem. Simply provide your delivery location and we'll quote you the best price for your alfalfa. This is a guaranteed indication because we personally take care of the delivery to your address from our alfalfa grown and harvested in the best conditions for your use.

You can always spend time searching alfalfa for sale on leboncoin but will you be sure to have to deal with professionals in the sale of alfalfa? Alfalfa is a food that must be of high quality and grown/harvested in the best conditions. Cépière Fourrages guarantees the quality of its alfalfa, fodder and hay. Ads on sites such as leboncoin cannot provide you with the same expertise, and hay prices are often uncontrolled as ours are.

Cépière Eco Fourrages Énergie, sale of alfalfa.

Cépière Fourrages, specialist in the sale of alfalfa, is specialized in France for the sale of alfalfa via its website. Wide choice of quality alfalfa at the best price, alfalfa for suckler cows, alfalfa for dairy cows or alfalfa for horse feed, including alfalfa for sheep and goats. We advise you because we are specialists in the sale of alfalfa and the sale of fodder and know the techniques of growing alfalfa, harvesting alfalfa, drying and storing alfalfa and fodder. We ensure the delivery of your alfalfa and fodder so that their freshness is guaranteed.

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